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Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was dismissed as a passing fad in 2009. Although Bitcoin's blockchain technology impressed the technology community, it did not draw the common public's interest to invest. After more than a decade, several of these new cryptocurrencies have flooded the crypto industry, with Bitcoin emerging as the most valuable. Investing in cryptocurrencies is on the minds of all investors right now.

Before you choose cryptocurrency, you must choose a cryptocurrency exchange to buy, sell, and hold your digital asset. To make transactions, you'll need a cryptocurrency wallet.

People who purchased cryptocurrencies before the price explosion in 2017 are reaping the rewards of their best investment decision. So, are you ready to begin your cryptocurrency investment journey? If you do, you can take advantage of your investment in cryptocurrency. This is how.

How to start with Cryptocurrency Investment:

1. Start with small.

The crypto market, like the stock market, is extremely volatile, which means that prices will rise and fall in an unpredictable manner. It is only sensible to invest in cryptocurrencies after ensuring that you have sufficient liquid funds to last at least six months without incurring any debts. Once you've determined this, begin by investing in stocks (if you haven't already) to assess your risk tolerance. Set aside a small portion of your money to invest in cryptocurrency once you've determined that you can handle the ups and downs. If at all possible, keep your investment to 5-10% of your income.


2. Make the choice on a Cryptocurrency

Yes, there are multiple cryptocurrencies on the market right now, each with a different price point. However, it is not advisable to follow the trend and invest in five different small cryptocurrencies. To choose the best crypto coin, you must do a lot of research. Keep an eye on what's going on in the market, compile a list of the top five performing cryptocurrencies, and track their growth. Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency in the world, as well as the most trusted, after Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Binance Coin.

Here's why this is the most crucial step in your investment process. Many cryptocurrencies that have entered the market in the last decade have either peaked or vanished without a trace. This means that a single hasty decision can turn your $100 investment into a big fat zero.


3. Select the Most Appropriate Cryptocurrency Exchange

It's essentially a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and store your crypto properties. Analytics Insight has compiled a comprehensive list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, complete with transaction fees, benefits, and drawbacks. These crypto exchanges are specifically designed to handle cryptocurrencies and their unpredictable existence, similar to how banks and other financial institutions are designed to lend money, store money, and provide mortgages.

4. Choose a Wallet for Cryptocurrency

What is the concept of a cryptocurrency wallet? It's a piece of software that stores your private and public keys and serves as a connection between you and the blockchain, which stores your crypto assets.

Many people mistake crypto wallets for cryptocurrency storage, but they simply allow you to access your cryptocurrency on the blockchain using a crypto address known as the key. A crypto transaction cannot be completed without the key. During the transition, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies from any company that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment.

You're set to invest in cryptocurrencies if you follow the measures above. Prepare yourself for some uncertainty, regardless of which cryptocurrency you invest in, and track the price on a regular basis.

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