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Income Tax Return

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Income Tax Return


Income Tax Return could be a form which is employed to file the revenue enhancement with the taxation Department. Income tax could be a tax imposed by the Central Government on income of someone. Filing tax is every citizen’s responsibility. These declarations are verified by the IT department and where any amount has been paid in excess, the department refunds the quantity to the assessee’s checking account. It is provided that every entities shall file the return of taxes on time to avoid penalty.

The form that contains information of income and tax paid of an assessee is termed revenue enhancement Return. Various forms have been introduced by the Income Tax Department, namely -  ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4S, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7. offers the most effective service and helps you with the right form to fill on the precise time.


Lot of changes are made in tax every year which affect your return. Filing correct revenue enhancement return is extremely important to safe yourself from unwanted tax notice. Our CA Expert confirm your return is filed flawless and each required disclosure is perfectly made in your return that mean you'll be able to enjoy your weekends.


  • Do not watch for the date to file the IT return.
  • Always be in receipt of the documents required for filing ITR.
  • Pick the right IT return form. this is often important.


The advantages of filing for IT returns are:

  • Loans: Bank loans like education loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, will be availed easily as they require last three year’s IT returns.
  • Visa: As Immigration centres scrutinize many documents and IT returns proofs could be a mandatory document for visa applicants.
  • Avoid penalties: hefty amounts would be charged for non-filing of taxation returns and hence it's always better to file it to avoid legal repercussions.

A taxpayer becomes eligible for tax refund when an excess amount of tax is paid than the particular liabilities. so as to say the refund the taxpayer must have filed the returns within the due date.

Tax payers usually receive notices by the IT department to make sure they complete the filing process with none delays. Any loss against house property, depreciation, business loss and any style of loss not go away against the income will be carried forward to the next years.


In order to file ITR, the taxpayer is required to collect all documents like their bank statements, last year’s ITR and Form 16.

  1. Log on to
  2. Register at the web site using the PAN number. It becomes your ID.
  3. View Form 26AS. It shows the tax deducted by the employer. Ensure that the amount of TDS provided in Form 16 should match the above mentioned amount.
  4. Download the ITR Form that's applicable to you. If you are doing not know the correct form, consult
  5. Complete the whole form by filling within the required details and so submit it.
  6. Click the Calculate Tax button, to understand your payable amount.
  7. If applicable, pay the desired tax.
  8. Enter the challan details on the instrument section of the shape.


  1. July 31: A firm or individuals who don't seem to be answerable for audit.
  1. September 30: a corporation or other who is vulnerable to audit.
  1. March 31: All individuals and firms filing belated returns. recommends making use of Google Calendar to urge early notification of due dates and on time ITR filing.


Once ITR is filed, an acknowledgment append duplicate is issued. It consists of details like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Status
  • Permanent Account Number
  • A brief statement of taxable income
  • Deductions
  • Tax paid
  • Verification


As per the tax Department the entities required to file IT returns annually are:

  • Every company, be it Private limited, LLP or partnership no matter the income or loss must file IT returns
  • Individuals enjoying income from open-end funds, bonds, stocks, fixed deposits, income from interest, house property, etc
  • Any Individuals who is in receipt of income from a property termed under charitable trusts, religious trusts or income received under voluntary contributions.
  • Individuals or companies who want to assert tax refunds
  • A person receiving salary income and whose gross income before deductions under Schedule VI, exceeds the minimum exemption limit applicable on the said person.
  • All individuals receiving foreign income in respect of a foreign assets, or any NRI and tech professionals receiving income from onsite deputation.
  • People who have opted for one job from another are eligible.


The IT Department of India has rules for all businesses operating throughout the country to file income taxes each and each year. If need be, TDS return also can be filed and advance taxes is paid to confirm that the business complies with the IT rules and regulations.


A proprietorship firm is pass one person called the proprietor. Proprietorship isn't a separate legal entity, that is, both the proprietor (business owner) and therefore the business are the identical. because of this, ITR filing for proprietorship is that the same as that of the proprietor.

Sole proprietors are required to file their ITR once in a year and the same is filed in a yearly basis. The procedure isn't any different from that of individual revenue enhancement filing.


Proprietors within 60 years old and whose income exceeds Rs.2.5 lakhs are required to file proprietorship tax returns. Proprietors above 60 years but but 80 years old and whose total income exceeds Rs 3 lakhs are eligible. Also, proprietors above the age of 80 years shall file their ITR, where their total income exceeds the minimum exemption limit i.e., of Rs 5 lakhs.


As per the revenue enhancement Act, all partnership firms are treated as separate legal entities and are applicable for tax rates that are on par with LLP’s and firms registered in India.


Irrespective of income or loss, partnership firms are required to try and do ITR filing. If the firm has been commercially inactive with no registered income, a 0-revenue enhancement return should be filed within the stipulated date.


All LLPs or financial obligation Partnerships are considered separate legal entities and their tax rate is analogous to it of all companies registered in India. The taxation Act declares that each one LLP’s must file their tax returns no matter the loss or gain they need incurred therein year. If the LLP has seen no commercial activity or registered income, then a zero taxation must be promptly filed.


All types of business structures like Private company, Ltd., liability Partnership company, One Person Company are registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Thus, the companies. As mentioned above, are mandatorily required to file their ITR as prescribed under the Income Tax Act 1961.


Any company that's registered with the govt. of India and operating in the territory of India, shall submit their filed IT returns. this is often equally applicable for those companies that are dormant with no business transactions and no registered income or expenses.


To fulfil IT filing in India, the subsequent documents are necessary:

  1. Bank statements
  2. Proof of investments
  3. T.D.S. Certificates in Form 16 or 16A as applicable
  4. Documents on purchase and sale of investments/assets
  5. Challan of tax paid like advance tax or self-assessment tax
  6. If PAN is applied but not received, a duplicate of filed PAN application and its acknowledgment
  7. In case not applied for PAN, a PAN form duly filled in and two passport size photographs
  8. For businesses - a duplicate each of the audit report, record, trading, profit and loss account, personal account of proprietor or partners
  9. In case, the company is not required to maintain proper accounts – the statement of receipts and payments.
  10. Receipts of payment of premium, provident purchase of NSCs, new equity shares, mutual fund, NSS, donations, etc. to support claimed deductions


Mostly the following errors are encountered -

  • Selection Of the Incorrect Form

One should select the proper ITR form supported the income and category of the taxpayer.

  • Selection Of the Incorrect Assessment Year

Correct assessment year must be ensured at the time of ITR filing; otherwise, it should attract double taxation and unwanted penalties.

  • Incorrect Input of Details

At the time if ITR, it must be ensured that non-public information of the assessee like name, address, E-mail Id, mobile number, PAN, date of birth is correct.

  • Not Disclosing the Whole Source of Income

All the income generated from any source aside from the first reference must be fully revealed no matter the actual fact that it's taxable income or exempt.

  • TDS Isn't Reconciled with Form 26AS

Form 26AS must be reconciled with form 16.

  • Verification Of Return

After the taxation return filing, it must be e-verified through net-banking, or EVC process on mobile number and via email.


There are specific penalty provisions just in case taxpayer doesn't file ITR on time. The penalty is charged, on the late payment of revenue enhancement. the most amount for penalty is Rs 10,000/-.

FAQs on Income Tax Return 

Q.: What are the advantages of taxation Filing?

Past decades have observed low taxation filing Compliance in India, during recent years, Govt of India took stringent measures in enforcing the taxation Law by linking various benefits for prompt tax filers. Some of these benefits are –

  • Get the Loans easier
  • Avoid paying penalties, embarrassments
  • Get your refund back on the surplus tax payments
  • Hurdle free for Foreign VISA Stamping with IT returns filing
  • Improve your credit worthiness for future loans
  • Be an honest citizen to contribute in India's growth and find Peace of mind for you and also the family.

Q.:What are the disadvantages in not filing taxation Return?

Well, it is the law, but that wasn't enforced fully force in India until recently. Post, Nov 08th 2016, Government of India decided to take some strict measures in order to facilitate the ITR filing compliance. Dis-advantages of not filing your legal instrument in time are

  • Rs. 10,000 fines for people who don't file their taxation returns (ITR) on time, starting 2018-2019 assessment year (AY).
  • Rs. 5,000 are imposed for those whose return submitted after the day of the month.
  • Rs. 1,000 in penalty for little taxpayers with their total income not exceeding Rs. 5 Lakh
  • Rs 1,000 for late filing of their ITRs
  • In case of belated return filing, the same shall attract many other penalties / restrictions.
  • Penalties under sections 271F
  • Interest is required to be paid, on the amount of Tax due under Sections 234A
  • Revision of a belated return isn't allowed.
  • Tax Refund with none interest from IT Department
  • Also, the restriction would include, non-allowance of set-off of losses, as against future income.

Q.:What are the documents needed to file my taxes?

While it depends on your sources of Income, for the foremost it's as simple as your Form-16. Refer below for the list to maximise the deductions and accuracy –

  • A duplicate of the previous year’s legal instrument > to declare any losses and other information.
  • Your Bank statements > to refer the interest paid to your loans, balances etc.
  • Your TDS certificates > to incorporate taxes that are already paid to the IT Department.
  • Your Savings Certificates / Deductions / Donations > to incorporate deductions.
  • Certificates of Disability in your family > to incorporate deductions
  • The statement from the bank of PO, providing the details of the interest paid.

Q.: just in case of getting Business income/loss, have Balance sheets, Profit & Loss account statements, and other requisite Audit Reports.But my employer wants to file on my behalf for a nominal fee. What am I missing?

Employers give the salary and other tax data to tax filers to get into bulk. because of the way they are doing the business, many times, they are doing not engage with you in understanding your tax profile correctly, there by losing the good thing about deductions, and exemptions. additionally, mismatches between Form 26AS and your tax deductions (both salary based and other sources of income) causes you to urge IT notices. IT notice resolution may cost you dearly and you will find yourself in paying excess tax for not considering the all the deductions.

Q.: Are you a Tax consultant near me?

  • has PAN India presence with renowned CA Firms to facilitate Local reach through innovative technology.
  • Our CA Partners are round the country including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam, and others.

Q.What about if I’m an NRI in USA?

  • has been helping NRIs in 32+ countries including USA. UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and other parts of the planet.
  • Whether you're an Indian resident, working during a Foreign Country, or a Non-Resident Indian working in India or Foreign Countries like USA, we are here to assist you.

Q.: My company deducts TDS. Do I still need to file my tax return? How do I pay tax to the government?

Yes, you wish to file. there's a difference between filing taxation return and deducting TDS. You file an income tax return as a symbol of the payment of all the taxes due. The IT return would also facilitate your while applying for a visa or a loan.

Q.: How do I pay tax to the government?

You can make the payment on to the govt. on the official website of the IT Department. you will pay through net banking, together with Challan 280.

Q.: Is it necessary to connect any documents together with the return of income?

Income Tax Return (ITR) forms are referred to as attachment less forms. It means, the taxpayers don't must attach any supporting document (such as TGS certificates, investment proofs etc.). you are doing not must attach these documents whether you file your return electronically or manually. However, you need to retain these documents with you in proper order. you will must submit these to the authorities in certain situations like inquiry, assessment, audit and then on.

Q.: If I’ve got paid excess tax, how will or not it's refunded to me?

One can claim the amount of refund in respect of the excess tax amount paid while filing the ITR. Your refund is going to be credited into your specified checking account via ECS transfer. Please ensure no mistakes are made while mentioning your bank details (IFSC code, account number etc) on the ITR form.

Q.: Is it necessary to file a return of income once I don’t have any positive income?

It’s necessary for you to file a return in time whether or not you are doing not have any positive income. If you have got incurred a loss in any fiscal year, you'll want to hold it forward for adjusting with the positive income within the subsequent years. this can be allowed as long as you file your IT return on time, with a mention of the loss incurred.

Q.: What's so special about, then?

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Q.: What are the various ITR Deductions Available?

  • Deduction under Section 80C

The amount paid or deposited in PF, PPF, LIC premium paid, NSC (National Savings Certificate), ULIP, principal repayment of housing loan, tuition fees, term deposit within the bank, deposit in adult savings scheme, etc.

  • Deduction under Section 80D

It is claimed by individuals additionally as HUF for medical insurance & preventive health check-up.

  • Deduction under Section 80E

Individuals can request for an 80E deduction for the repayment of interest on the loan, concerning a loan obtained for the next education.

  • Deduction under Section 80EE

An additional deduction may be claimed under this section like interest paid on housing loan paid through EMI.

  • Deduction under Section 80G

Such a deductions is claimed in respect of the donations made to certain specified funds, charitable institutions etc.

Q.: Is it required to file tax Return when my company deducts all the TDS?

TDS deduction and revenue enhancement return filing aren't the identical things. revenue enhancement return Is filed to point out that everyone the taxes are paid by you.

Q.: How am I able to pay my liabilities to the government?

Taxes may be directly paid by the taxpayers on the web site of the tax Department using Net-banking with challan 280.

Q.: What's ITR-V?

After revenue enhancement return filing, a document is received by your which ones is ITR V. One needs to take a print of that, sign and send within 120 days of taxation return filing to the tax Department.

Q.: Can ITR-1 be filed with exempt agricultural income?

In case agricultural income is up to Rs 5000 then ITR 1 is filed. However, if the agricultural income exceeds Rs 5000 then ITR 2 is required to be filed.

Q.: How am I able to claim for tax Refund?

The income taxpayer can claim for the surplus tax to refund through Income-tax return filing. The department will refund the quantity to the taxpayer through ECS transfer. It must be ensured that bank details are correctly mentioned in ITR form like account number, IFSC code etc.

Q.: Which form I’ve got to file for my tax return filing?

This is no wonder that individuals get confused while applying for tax return filing. There are various forms for taxation return filing like ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 2A, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 4S, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7. Suitable Form is chosen as per the eligibility of the taxpayer. If you're applying for taxation return and wish assistance then you'll take the assistance of

Q.:  If I do not have a Form 16 then how am I able to file my revenue enhancement return?

Even if you do not have Form 16, you'll be able to file your revenue enhancement return. For this, you need to have your pay slips. we will facilitate you with the identical.

Q.:  Is there any requirement to connect any documents with taxation return filing?

No, while filing taxation return there's no must file the other document. However, documents could also be asked by the authorities for the aim of assessment, inquiry, etc.

Q.:  Do I’ve got to file taxation return even after I haven't got any positive income?

Income tax return must be filed before the date whether or not there's a loss within the year because it may be carried forward to the next year for the adjustment against the profit within the subsequent years. If you have got filed your taxation return before the day of the month only then it is carried forward.

Q.: Can someone file taxation returns on my behalf?

In order to stop any reasonably fraud, you must not share your PAN and password details. you'll be able to take the help of chartered accountants and CA firms for taxation return filing. we've got a team of dedicated chartered accountants for this purpose

  1. Why

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The person is just required to share their statement and cash transaction details and we'll create the financial statements. In two working days, you will get your ITR filed.

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We make your interaction with government as smooth as is feasible by doing all the paperwork for you. we are going to also offer you absolute clarity on the method to line realistic expectations.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Proper instrument filing by CA Expert
  • All relevant documents associated with your filed return
  • Complete support for your legal document queries
  • Timely submission of revenue enhancement Return

Through their services, India Expert ensures:

  • Assesse quotes valid permanent account numbers or tax write-off account numbers.
  • Payments in respect of advance tax, self-assessment tax and tax deducted at source (TDS) will be in accordance with the taxpayer’s documents.
  • Sequential and Accurate data entries will be provided during transcription and transmission of ITR.
  • Assesse receives a tough copy and acknowledgement of e-Returns submitted.
  • Confidentiality of assesse information is maintained throughout the method, and any information shared externally is with prior permissions of assesse or assessing officer