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LLP Registration

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LLP Registration



The Limited Liability Partnership is one of the most prominent and popular form businesses across the world. LLPs are a combination of elegant and easy means of combining entrepreneurial initiative with requisite capital, professional expertise, and creative knowledge all under single roof. LLPs are taxed at par with partnership firms, which is comparatively less than that of company. It is an optimal business form that offers advantages of limited liability of a company and the adaptability of a partnership.

Why we go for LLP Registration?

  • No limit on the No of partners in LLP
  • More security in LLP
  • Limited liability & responsibility in the LLP
  • LLP Tax benefits
  • Flexible operation in LLP
  • There is No restricted minimum capital
  • LLP have Lesser compliances


  1. SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY – LLP, unlike a partnership firm, is a body corporate having a separate legal entity from its partners. Thus, the LLP can own assets in its own name and can also sue or be sued by any other person.
  2. LIMITED LIABILITY – The partners of the LLP are having limited liabilities, which means that in case the assets of the LLP become insufficient to pay any liability, then the partners are liable only to the extent of their contribution and thus cannot be asked to pay from their personal assets.
  3. TAXABILITY – Taxed at the rate of 30% i.e. at the par of partnership firms.
  4. CONTROL OVER MANAGEMENT – LLPs have full control over the business affairs and can freely sort out their management problems.
  5. EASE IN REGISTRATION – The formation of LLP is very simple and quick, due to less documentation and procedural aspects.
  6. PERPETUAL SUCCESSION – LLP, just like a company is having perpetual succession, which means that the retirement, death, and leaving of the firm by any partner or group of partners, will not affect the existence of the LLP.
  7. NUMBER OF PARTNERS  – Unlike a partnership firm, an LLP shall have a minimum of 2 partners who will be the designated partners. There is no ceiling on the maximum partners.
  8. NO MINIMUM CAPITAL REQUIRED – There is no restriction on minimum capital contribution for the formation of the LLP.
  9. LESS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION – There is comparatively less to even no intervention by the government in most of the matters related to LLP working.
  10. BODY CORPORATE AS A PARTNER – Unlike a partnership firm, LLP can have a body corporate as its partner.
  11. NO PERSONAL LIABILITY OF PARTNERS - The partners are under no obligation to pay off the LLP’s liability from their personal assets unless in case of fraud by any partner.


Limited Liability Partnership Registration Process: Limited Liability Partnership Registration Process can be bifurcated into the three-step & procedure involved are as below:

Step-I: Pre-Requisites of LLP

  • Initially required to Identify Partners.
  • Similarly, Identify Designated Partners
  • FILING APPLICATION FOR OBTAINING DPIN: First, the designated partners are required to obtain Designated Partner Identification Number by filing the Form DIR-3 on the registration portal.
  • Needed to Determine capital contribution & profit-sharing ratio among each partner
  • then we have to decide LLP Objects
  • Proposed Names of the LLP to find out.
  • Which State in which the Limited Liability Partnership is to be registered to be determined.

Step-II: Documentation & Registration of LLP

  • APPLICATION FOR DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE: After obtaining the DPIN, the person who would be authorized, for signing the files and documents using the digital signature as mandatorily required under IT Act, 2000, will apply for a digital signature certificate and after acquiring DSC, shall get it registered.
  • Obtain DIN for Directors.
  • FILING OF FORMS UNDER NEW USER: Once the above formalities are done, the LLP is required to get registered on the LLP portal, as a user and will then be directed on the further uploading of the documents.
  • Checking the Name Availability at MCA sign
  • RESERVATION OF NAME: The LLP is required to apply for the name to be registered with the Registrar. The name should not be identical or like any other LLP in existence. For name reservation, they need to file Form 1, after which they need to file Form 2 for proceeding the registration.
  • Drafting of Consent Letters from each Partner & Designated Partner
  • Making and drafting LLP Registration Documents (after name approval)
  • Filing of Incorporation Documents with Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION: The Registrar after submission of documents by the LLP, will scrutinize the documents and check their correctness. After utmost diligence, if no discrepancy is found, the Registrar will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to the proposed LLP before the LLP agreement.

Step-III: filling the LLP Agreement.

  • PREPARATION AND FILING OF LLP AGREEMENT: After receiving the Certificate of Incorporation, the LLP is can formulate the LLP agreement and the same shall be filed within 30 days from the date of issuance of Certificate of Incorporation in Form 3.
  • Finally, apply for an LLP Agreement with the Registrar within thirty days of registering the Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Final Certificate of Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership after LLP agreement


It is the agreement signing between the Limited Liability Partnership and the partners laying a foundation for the Limited Liability Partnership Registration Delhi including the below details in it:

  • Name of Limited Liability Partnership
  • Name of Partners & Designated Partners
  • Form of contribution in the Limited Liability Partnership
  • Profit-Sharing ratio of Limited Liability Partnership
  • Rights & Duties of Partners in Limited Liability Partnership

Document Required for Incorporation of LLP

1. REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS – If on rent, the rent agreement along with the NOC of the landlord is required. In case, the property is owned by the LLP, a properly executed sale deed is required. Other documents include electricity bills, water bills or telephone bills containing the complete address of the premise. Address proof of Partnership Firm.

  • Copy of Notarised Rental Agreement in English
  • Copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE ISSUED BY THE GOVERNING BODY – The authorized signatory of the LLP should be in receipt of a DSC in order to execute or sign the official documents.


  • IDENTITY PROOF – All the partners are required to submit the detail of their respective PAN card at the time of registration.
  • ADDRESS PROOF – They can submit their driving license, Aadhar card, passport, or voter id specifically proofing their complete address.
  • PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS – They need to submit 2 photos each, preferably with white background and the photo be clear enough to identify the partner.
  • PASSPORT IN CASE OF NON-RESIDENT PARTNER – In case the partner is an NRI, he is required to submit their passport properly notarized by the notary.


  • Bank Account Statement/ The Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill/Electricity Bill must be in the name of the applicant and should not be older than two months.
  • Copies of the documents required to be self-attested by the applicant.
  • In the case of NRI/ foreign citizens, the documents are required to be notarized from the respective home country.
  • all the documents must be in English languages, otherwise, it should be translated to English languages.

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