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Due Diligence Audit

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Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit Services 

A due diligence audit is a detailed evaluation of a company's whole financial profile in the business world. Normally, These types of audits are usually performed prior to a takeover, merger, or other major decision that may have a detrimental impact on the accounts of one or more businesses. These audits are usually performed to ensure that there are no secret liabilities.

Due diligence may compare to an employee background check on a corporate scale. Companies seeking to be acquired used to make trying to make the most positive impression possible for example like prospective employers. The Company’s strengths are often highly stressed & the weakness is downplayed. The concept of due diligence audit is to examining qualifications along with checking references before recruitment.

Normally, A due diligence audit looks for evidence that isn't readily available. If it is common for a buying firm to conduct these audits, they are often carried out discreetly. Private investigators are often hired, and the organizations under investigation are not informed of the investigation's particular focuses.

The foundation of a due diligence audit is very often forensic accounting teams. These professionals have been qualified to closely examine an organization's financial information for any irregularities. Apart from traditional accountants, forensic accountants are qualified to look for secret resources and obligations.

The due diligence protocol entails the following steps:

Recognizing the financial and legal risks accomplished with investing in a specific business

  • Creating a statement based on the lawfulness of a  target company's and its resources' 
  • Suggestion on how to keep investment risks to a minimum.
  • It also covers the aforementioned areas given below:
  • Unbiased investigation and examination of financial and commercial information represented at an early stage of disposal or strategic divestment
  • Collect, reviews, and evaluate financial commercial, and tax information in detail
  • Collection and review of financial information to be given to bids
  • Recognizing contractual obligations
  • Auditing special-purpose Transaction
  • Interfacing with purchasers and their accounting consultants on accounting issues Questioning the purchaser's due diligence results

The following areas of expertise are mainly in our due diligence services offerings. The work that is done as part of the due diligence Audit can be divided into the following parts:

Financial& Accounting

In order to detect key transaction problems, India Experts has a defined but flexible approach to financial due diligence. Financial due diligence typically includes earnings quality, asset quality, financial/accounting policy and control assessment, potential tax exposures, and financial projection assessments.

Financial due diligence: It includes verification of net assets, both title and worth, an inspection of accounting accuracy, historical and future financial analysis, and evaluation of Financial threats.

Human Resources

Our team has extensive experience in the identification, compensation & profits, and management of potential risks and opportunities for HR operations. Our evaluation helps acquirers understand the cultural fit of the additional investment target better and ensures a smooth transition through close deal closure and integration.

Tax due diligence:  It includes a review of the reliability of tax calculations as well as an assessment of tax threats.


Risk & Compliance

Our client and transaction are timelines to clearly assess target company compliance including the Sarbanes Oxley Act, regulations in the industry, risk management, FCPA, vendor management, and legal issues. In this context, we are working against strict deadlines.


Legal Due Diligence:  It includes a review of the company's structure, asset title, intellectual property rights, contractual liability, and assessment legal threats.

IT Infrastructure & Security

To provide insight into Target's ability to achieve service goals and to align itself with the company, our experienced team works with our customers to effectively manage change.

The integrated one-stop solution provides support for financial, tax, IT, compliance, and HR due diligence on the buy-side of India Experts. India Expert expertise with sales diligence services, uncovered risk identification, the emphasis on key deal problems, and valuable insights on transaction synergies is also to be used by organizations. In order to maximize value and deliver quality work products on a timely basis, India Experts adapts the approach for each individual transaction. The M&A team from India Experts has extensive experience in providing customers with full advice from a small deal to a large deal.