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Process System and Training

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Process System and Training

Process System and Training

The process followed by all employees includes analysis and quality control, as well as ensuring that each employee understands every aspect of the job they are to complete on a consistent basis.

This system has been refined over time through multiple trials conducted during actual work projects. For an offshore financial accounting services provider like us, this method has proven to be very effective.

Work Flow and Completion:

Step One:

Depending on the size and nature of the job, you may choose one of two methods to accomplish it:

1. Direct interaction with an Indian Senior Accountant and/or your own Indian team:

This process requires working directly with the Indian staff in charge of your work and offers a more cost-effective solution to meet your needs. However, it may necessitate more input from your own company in order to establish the criteria and structure for carrying out your work.

2. Use of BBW Group-provided specialist personnel from within your country:

 (or as required). All work between you and the Indian company is coordinated by these individuals. They will meet with you and assist you in establishing the structure you require, as well as providing final quality control.

Step Two:

Acquire job estimated costs This phase in the process is normally applied in accordance with step one, but if you only want particular jobs or one-time jobs done, this step enables you to get costs before Step One is even started, depending on the job.

Step Three:

This includes access to customer information to enable us to complete our work. This move entails establishing IT solutions to ensure that work and information flow smoothly and securely using the specific hosting and information-sharing services provided by BBW's IT support team.

In general, the BBW Group completes all work electronically, with no data or client information transferred to or stored on computers in India. It is possible to maintain a high level of security during this process. It also ensures that all client data is stored and controlled in the country where it was collected.

Step Four:

This step entails the actual job processing. In order to complete all work for clients, we follow a set of procedures. They are as follows:

  1. Client Interview and Data Collection – This stage identifies the data for processing and ensures that it is accessible to Indian teams for work.

a) Job Understanding – The International Team provides and reviews all data obtained, historical data, and training materials, as well as any interview sheets and client knowledge content. This process can cover up to 50% or more of cost allocation and involves: a thorough review of all data and identification of any additional transactions or any information unknown or poorly scanned;

  • Reviewing all historical information and trying to gain a thorough understanding of the accounting outsourcing job and the client - training
  • The interview/training sheets are completed to reflect this understanding;
  • A comprehensive query list is added and completed. (For example, in bookkeeping for small businesses)
  • It should be noted that cost estimates may change after this stage depending on what is discovered about the job.

b) This stage involves the senior accountant/support staff completing the interview/training sheets and obtaining answers to all client queries. The International staff's processing and completion of the job. This includes completing all worksheets and presenting supporting data in the proper format.

  • Finalize and plan modifications – (quality review).
  • Client presentation

Step five:

Conclusion, fee, and discussion, including identification of any areas of weakness or training required. Through our financial accounting services and bookkeeping outsourcing service, we provide clients with assistance and solutions.

What  India Expert Offers

We offer Process System and Training services, in which we redesign processes in order to achieve high-performance outcomes. We provide Business Process Systems and Training services in order to manage the scenery of trying to create customer-branded experiences from top to bottom.

For more information/queries, you can contact us. Our team of experts can provide all the assistance in related to Process System and Training services: